• WWII WestLand Lysander OIL Tank. Original

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    Here we have a rare item from a rare aircraft. This is an oil tank from a Westland built Lysander aircraft which was used throughout WWII.

    Initially entering service in 1938, the Lysander was an Army Co operation aircraft used for artillery spotting and message dropping. Having been used in the Battle of France it was clear the aircraft was already out dated which saw its use been limited. However is short take of and landing capbilities saw the aircraft been used in clandestine operations in to Europe often involving SOE agents

    Few examples of this aircraft remain and parts are therefore hard to find. 

    As can be seen from the photos that tank is in overall good condition although it is dented as shown. No attempt has been made to rectify this. Various part numbers can be seen as shown.

    This would make a nice addition to a collection or could be used for pattern purposes as no attempt has been made to assess it for repair/flight use.

    Due to its large size, collection would be preferred although buyers can appoint their own couriers

    This item DOES NOT ship for free

    Other Lysander parts will be offered for sale shortly including seat frame, trim wheel, full control column including spade grip