• WWII USAAF T-30 Throat Microphone.. Aircrew and Tankers


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    The T-30 throat microphone was the most commonly used tank microphone and standard of the US Army Air Forces in WWII. This carbon microphone was strapped around the wearer's neck, with the two 1-inch round pickups made of black rubber contacting the wearer's throat near his Adam's apple. It is anchored around the wearer's neck by an elastic strap. These pickups transmitted sound vibrations as the wearer spoke, and allowed voices to be heard over the background tank and battle noises. The T-30 microphone had a small two-pronged PL-291 plug, which was connected to a JK-48 jack on a SW-141 push-to-talk switch.

    The throat mic is in good condition and includes the elasticated neck strap and lead with plug attached.  Curiously this one has been fitted with an RAF  plug 5C/591 which bears the AM Crown mark. The rubber is supple with no signs of cracking on the lead or the throat section itself. There is one small area of damage on one of the round pick ups as shown in the photos

    It was produced in over twenty variations by different manufacturers, those being indicated by a suffix code letter to the type designation. This particular one was produced  by the Shure Brothers Company of Chicago.


    Looks great with a tankers helmet or USAAF crusher cap.