• WWII T-17B Lollipop Microphone. Dated 1944


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    The T-17 Series of military communications microphone was designed by Shure Brothers, Inc. and became one of the most widely used and successful microphones  produced during WWI and beyond. 

    The T-17 series has letter suffixes that are for various changes in design. Suffixes A, B and C are two piece bodies with a separate mike element that can be replaced. Suffix D is a one-piece body and features a mike element that is integral to the mouth cup. 

    The markings on the body confirm this is a T-17B dated 1944 produced by the  Philadelphia Co 

    The microphone is in good condition and is fitted with a Shure SW-109 press/talk button and with a PL-68 jack plug. 

    The rubber covered lead is in good condition and is approximately 5ft long.