• WWII USAAF T-17B Aircraft Lollipop Microphone. B-17 B-24 and Tankers


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    The T-17 Series of military communications microphone was designed by Shure Brothers, Inc. and became one of the most widely used and successful microphones  produced during WWI and beyond

    The T-17 series has letter suffixes that are for various changes in design. Suffixes A, B and C are two piece bodies with a separate mike element that can be replaced. Suffix D is a one-piece body and features a mike element that is integral to the mouth cup. 

    This particular example is an aircraft version as identified by the number of holes found in the mouth piece. The markings on the body confirm this is a T-17B dated 1943 produced by the  Philadelphia Co

    The microphone is in very good condition and is fitted with s Shure SW-109 press/talk button and with a PL-68 jack plug.

    The rubber covered lead is in excellent with no damage and is fully flexible and is approximately 5ft long. The PL-68 plug has a small crack in it as shown in the photos 

    Microphones such as these were used by aircrew in Aircraft such as the famous B-17 and B-24 

    A nice piece of original iconic USAAF pilots equipment

    This microphone was also used by US tank crews as seen in the Movie 'Fury'