• WWII USAAF Survival Matchcase Compass


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    Hard to find version. Measures Approx 3 1/8" tall by 1 1/8" wide diameter. Made from bakelite . Vintage 1940s WW2 Match Safe Case with Compass and range finder . Excellent condition, looks like its had hardly been used. Compass in lid works .  Stamped on the top edge "Sight" on either side of the white line, below the compass window on the side it says "You are Looking". Comes with original matches.  Marked on the bottom ‘Dupage’

    Comes complete with 5 original matches.  Used in various AAF survival kits, including the C-1 sustenance vest and E-3 kits. 

    There were two emergency kits that utilized this match safe, the E-3 sustenance kit and multi-person life rafts

    This type of match holder was manufactured in 1942 and 43 being introduced at the end of 1942

    These compasses were so successful that the US QM ordered several thousand which were issued to infantrymen fighting in tropical theatres of war.

    A nice item to complete a survival kit collection