• WWII USAAF H-1 Bailout Oxygen Bottle and carrier. Dated 1943


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    Here we have a nice complete H-1 Bailout Oxygen  and carrier

    The Type H-1 bailout bottle was a standardized item for use by the USAAF in October, 1941, and declared obsolete four years later as it was replaced by the Type H-2.

    Reports from the field had Pilots and aircrew losing conciseness after bailing out high altitudes. The solution was to wear this bottle strapped to their leg.

    This emergency item contained enough oxygen for about ten minutes consumption

    As seen in this example, the steel cylinder of the H-1 is contained in a canvas bag. The cylinder is secured in the bag by a braided lace, and the bag itself has two heavy O.D. straps for tying to a leg or thigh, or to the parachute harness. The bag also has a side compartment for holding the folded rubber tubing. At the end of the tubing is a shaped nozzle which was meant to be held in the mouth. While Sweeting indicates that this nozzle was made of plastic, this one is clearly of wood.

    The canvas cover w/pocket is in excellent condition, no rips or tears. Still has the tie straps. The breathing tube is still soft and flexible, not cracked and broken, as is common on these.  The bottle is dated August 1943 and the gauge is marked ‘The Clapp Instrument Company , Webster Mass’

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