• WWII USAAF H-1 Bailout Bottle carrier


    The Type H-1 bailout bottle was an emergency item standardized for use by the USAAF in October, 1941, and declared obsolete four years later as it was replaced by the Type H-2. 

    This bottle contained enough oxygen for about ten minutes consumption. It was intended to be used during bailout at high altitudes where the air was thin and the flyer wished to remain conscious during descent.

    This carrier bag  has two heavy O.D. straps for tying to a leg or thigh, or to the parachute harness. The bag also has a side compartment for holding the folded rubber tubing.

    Although  marked "U.S. AIRFORCE."  this exact nomenclature was not used for the flying service until 1947 when the Air Force became an independent service from the Army. Nonetheless, this is a WWII vintage item and period photos from WWII show flyers with this exact bag and marking.

    This particular carrier has the correct specification DWG. No. 42G7365 marked  on it. It is obviously a used item and required some cleaning as there are some stains on the straps and the rear. Please see the photos for the exact condition. The  carrier is complete with no holes or missing stitching.

    Please note.The last image of a carrier and bottle, is a stock photo and not a photo of the actual carrier for sale