• WWII USAAF. C-1 Survival Vest Large Knife


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    Large US Army Air Force and  Navy pilots survival folding knife. Two folding blades including a saw. Safety catch under lower bolster. Black plastic checkered  grips. Perfect working condition. No markings but will have been made either by The Colonial Cutlery Company, Prov, Rhode Island or the United Machine Tool Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan  These knives were part of numerous Air Force and Navy survival kits including the C-1 sustenance vest which has a special compartment designed for this knife (Pocket No3). This is the most sought after of the 2 designs having a 2nd serrated blade unlike the single blade version

    Folded length 15,4 cm      Blade's length 12 cm    Saw blade's length 13 cm    Tip to tip unfolded length 39 cm