• WWII USAAF 445TH Bomb Group paperwork and Citation. Original


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    Here we have a fantastic and rare original paperwork group for the 445th Bomb Group, which was part of the Mighty 8th Airforce based at Tibbenham in Norfolk during WWII.

    The 445th Bombardment Group was a B-24 Liberator unit flyig from Tibbenham from 1943 until the end of the war in Europe.


    The group's first operation was an attack on the U-boat base at Kiel on 13 December 1943 (The Eighth Air Force's 154th heavy bomber mission). It spent most of the rest of the way engaged in strategic bombing against targets in Germany and occupied Europe. The unit took part in Big Week (20-25 February 1944), the attack on the German aircraft industry. The unit won a Distinguished Unit Citation for its part in a raid on Gotha on 24 February. 

    The strategic bombing was interrupted by a series of more tactical missions. The unit took part in the campaign to support the D-Day landings, attacking German targets on the Normandy shoreline on 6 June 1944. It also took part in the operations to support the breakthrough at St. Lo in July 1944. The group attacked German communications during the battle of the Bulge. During the crossing of the Rhine it was used to drop supplies to airborne troops near Wesel. 

    The 445th Bombardment Group flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945, returning to the United States over the next two months.

    This Group consists of the following items

    Original Citation notification dated 11th April 1945 awarded to the Group for its participation on a raid against Gotha Germany on 24th February 1944, when the Group lost 13 out of its original 25 aircraft with another 12 suffering Battle damage.

    Original Group Instructions in relation to Classification of Silk Maps

    Original edition of the official 2nd Bombardment Groups publication dated August 12th 1944. This is quite a rare item. The news letter was published on base for Combat Personnel and was confidential. As seen in the photos the publication gives accounts of various bombing raids, target success and accuracy with some amazing photos. The 445th formed part of the 2nd Bombardment Group.

    The last item is an undated publication by the Groups Official Historian with the name of Col Robert H Terrill printed in the caption on the front. Terrill was the Groups Commanding Officer from April 1st 1943. There is a vast of information in this publication such as crew lists and stories from crew members about life on base and combat missions including losses.

    This is a truly fantastic group of documents containing accounts of the Groups action during a critical phase of the war and would make great addition to any serious collectors collection.