• WWII US Seth Thomas Sector clock - working


    WWII Sector Clock. A rare USAAF Seth Thomas Sector Clock, the 20cm circular paper dial with red, yellow and blue five minute segments in each quarter of an hour, black bakelite base stamped with GE (General Electric) mark to the rear, encompassing eight day brass movement 26cm diameter, Comes with a key. Based on the concept of the RAF Sector clock, the USAAF clock used a Seth Thomas Ships clock. They were used by US Forward Air Controllers from the IXth Air Force from Normandy to Berlin, (only a few hundred were made). I do not know when the clock was last serviced but it does work. There are some issues with the clock namely that the second hand appears to be missing although I have been told that they were not always fitted ?? Also there are some small paint flecks on the outer casing and evidence of paint on the back There is an area of scuffing in the face as well but this is minor . Please refer to the pictures to view the overall condition.


    This is still a highly sought after item which requires cleaning