• WWII US Army A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet


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    United States Army Air Forces Type A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet introduced in August 1943. Consists of, seal brown cape leather exterior shell with black rubber earphone cups complete with Type ANB-H-1 Radio Headphone Receivers and wiring with a PL-354 plug. Chamois lining and ear pads with a makers label confirming it to be an A-11 Medium size made by the Shelby Shoe Co. Specification 3198. Cap has a turn down brow flap; four brass snaps for oxygen mask located on the left and right chin of the helmet; leather buckle strap on the back nap of the helmet to adjust the helmet size; three leather straps on back of helmet to hold the flight goggle's strap; double reinforced seam on each side of helmet

    Pilots name can be seen on the left hand ear piece. Further research required. The only flaws with this helmet is that the chin strap is missing and there are two small nicks a the back of the helmet as shown in the photos