• WWII US AAF "Blue Bunny" Type F-1 Heated High Altitude Bomber Suit


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    This is an original World War 2 Army Air Forces issue "Suit, Flyers, Electrically Heated, Type F-1", better known as the "Blue Bunny" suit. The F-1 suit was made by General Electric out of the same wool material used to make their electric blankets, and was rated at 24 volts. Standardized on April 4, 1941, it was intended to be worn as an undergarment under a light or medium-duty flying suit, along with electric gloves and shoes. This particular suit is a typical example, with all zippers present, all electrical connectors in place and wiring intact, woven spec label and ink-stamped AAF insignia present, and even a serviceable part tag dated 1945 attached to the front zipper.

    please note the f2 boot shown in the pictures is not included in this sale

    No damage This is a museum grade item rarely available in  the UK  

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