• WWII Type I MK II* L Gunsight. Dated 1943


    Here we have a rare and early Gunsight that was modified for use on rocket firing Typhoons.

    When rockets came into widespread use, a special version of the GN2 was designed  to allow for the increased gravity drop of these projectiles. The reflector screen was made to tilt forward by the pilot from 0 to 5 degrees depression, according to airspeed and the known drop of the missile being used. This modification, which involved the replacement of the sight head, became known as the type 1 Mk II conversion, and the sight then became the Mk IIL.

    This item carries a stores ref of 8B/2350 which has then been stamped out and replaced with the ref 8B/2483. It comes boxed and complete with the electrical lead