• WWII Seth Thomas Sector clock. Original and working


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    Scarce WWII USAAF  Sector Clock 

    We are offering for sale a Rare Seth Thomas WWII U.S. Army Air Corp Sector Clock with Key and in Working Condition. 

    When the US Army Air Force was operating jointly with the RAF in the Allied Tactical Air Force from D-day onwards, they like the RAF used the sector method of plotting aircraft movements. The American sector clock is the same model as a US Navy bulkhead clock made by Seth Thomas, with a face that has the same five-minute segments of an RAF sector clock. It was used in tracking the movements of enemy aircraft from information gathered from observers in the field and from mobile radars. The clock looks very different from a RAF sector clock but the same sequence of colours (red, yellow and blue) were used in the five-minute segments of each quarter of an hour. 

    The clock measures 10" across the top of the dial. The clocks face, lucite covering and Bakelite case are all in good overall condition. The case has paint marks to the rear, clearly where the clock had been attached to the wall which had then been subsequently painted. The face has been presumably been removed at some time as non standard screws have been used to refit it. These will need to be replaced.  On the dial of the clock is a control module to speed up or slow down the clock. 

    The Bakelite case is stamp on the back with the GE (General Electric) mark. The cork seal on the door is intact and the glass retaining wire ring is present. The winding key is included.

    The movement has recently been serviced and the clock works.

    I could clean the Bakelite case but prefer to leave it ‘untouched’ for the next person to decide. There is lettering on the case stating KS9260 

    This is a rare and hard to find piece of Military History.  These clocks are a tribute not only to WWII but to the Seth Thomas Clock Company.  They are considered by many to be some of the best clocks that were ever made.


    Please contact me for shipping options. Buyers can collect from Norfolk