• WWII, Remote Contactor. Spitfire Hurricane, Typhoon Type 4. 10A/10995,


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    A WWII Spitfire & Hurricane type Remote Contactor.

    Part of the aircraft IFF system (Identification Friend or Foe) this unit is fitted inside the pilots cockpit, it controlled the 'pip squeak' signal which alerted allied ground control defences that this aircraft was 'friendly'.

    The luminous hand can be set like a time switch to emit a signal, by means of the aircraft radio, to alert allied air space radar defences, that this aircraft is not a 'hostile' one.

    The 4" inch diameter bakelite face has an on-off switch and a central coloured dial.

    The rear metal casing has an Air Ministry and kings crown stamped mark and the units Ref No. 10A/10995, type 4.

    Two braided electrical control cables have a bakelite & metal plug fitted to each one.

    This is a 24 volt unit. Condition is as per the photos which show it mounted in a Spitfire cockpit and also on a Typhoon Instrument panel