• WWII RAF MK IA Turn and Slip Indicator. Stores reference 6A/675. Dated 1941


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    Here we have an early WWII RAF MKIA Turn and Slip Indicator. Stores reference 6A/675 and dated 1941

    This is a slightly different design compared to the standard one in that the rear casing is made from Bakelite instead of metal and has an oval shape at the rear.

    This version was often fitted to aircraft such as the Defiant and Fairy Battle although a recovery specialist has confirmed that he has recovered this type from 2 Battle of Britain crash sites where the aircraft excavated were Hawker Hurricanes

    In good condition with an unblemished face as shown in the photos. No damage to the casing or lugs and the needles move as they should

    Condition is as per the photos. This instrument is sold a static item and would need to be assessed by a suitably qualified person before been considered as suitable for flight use.

    Instruments like this are getting harder to find in this condition 

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