• WWII RAF Airspeed Indicator MK IXD. Dated 1936


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    An exceptionally nice early MK XID Airspeed Indicator dated 1936. Gauges made prior to WWII stand out due to their design and appearance. They tend to have more detailing which became absent on the later mass produced gauges. This particular gauge has the makers details stamp into the face of the instrument itself. In this case the maker is shown as Short & Mason, London.

    As can be seen in the photos there is no damage to the face, casing or mounting lugs which is often the case considering the instrument is over 80 years old. The needle moves freely when pressure is applied through the rear tubes.

    Rated to 320 MPH and used on aircraft such as the Wellington and the Short Stirling. As the service life of this gauge began in 1936 I have no doubt that his gauge would have seen service through the Battle of Britain.  

    Instruments rated in MPH instead of the later Knots, are getting harder to find in this condition, certainly early gauges such as this one 

    This instrument is sold a static item and would need to be assessed by a suitably qualified person before been considered as suitable for flight use.


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