• WWII RAF Air Gunner's Prismatic Gun Sight Type G


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    An Early 1939/40 RAF Type G, Prismatic Gun Sight.


    Produced by RAE as an alternative to the Reflector Gun Sight, this small optical sight was produced in two variants, the type A for pilot's and the B for gun turrets.

    This Gunsight proved difficult to use due to its small size in particular the small eye piece. As a result all production on prismatic gun sights ceased later in 1940.

    This type B sight would have been produced with the Boulton & Paul Defiant gun turret, in mind which was used on several aircraft

    This example is in good condition with a moveable sunscreen

    Stamped Air Ministry on the base with Ref No. 8B/2353.

    Sight Size, 3 x 3 x 2 ½".