• WWII Airspeed Indicator. 480 MPH. 6A/587. Dated 1939. Spitfire. Very Rare


    Here we have an exceedingly rare 480 MPH Gauge dated 1939.

    The gauge was obtained with several others which were all removed from aircraft at the 39 Maintenance unit, based at RAF Colerne. The originally MU labeling is still attached which shows the gauge was removed in order to be converted to the later 'knots' version'. For whatever reason this was never done.

    The rear casing is the deeper version confirming it to be an early gauge as later gauges were fitted into a thinner rear casing.

    This is an extremely rare and unusual gauge due to its early 1939 date which is shown on the instrument face

    I have had other similar gauges but never a 480 MPH gauge with such an early date. 

    As can be seen from the photos the gauge is in excellent condition with no damage to the casing or glass. The rear pressure tubes still have the original caps fitted. The gauge would require a full professional examination by a licensed aircraft engineer before further use in an airworthy aircraft. 

    They are getting harder to find in this condition

    Shipping includes Insurance