• WWII RAF 35 Gallon Fuel Gauge with mount. Hurricane, Avro Anson


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    Here we have an original  fuel gauge rated to 35 gallons normally found, but not exclusively, fitted to Avro Anson. Another aircraft that utilised this gauge when required was the Hawker Hurricane. The last photos actually show this type of gauge fitted in a MKIIA Hurricane.

    This particular unit appears to be a Canadian produced unit as it has a brass rear case whereas British versions had a Bakelite case. Also the unit has a patent marking on the back of the case  There is some paint loss on the front and rear case. The needle moves freely as it should. This is a 12 Volt unit with the following reference numbers X44 965 marked on  the face. This unit has clearly previously been fitted to an aircraft as there are traces of Green paint on it. It also has the original mounting ring attached

    This item would require the relevant checks to be made by a suitably qualified person before it could be fitted to an aircraft

    A sought after gauge for both the Hurricane and Avro Anson

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