• WWII Pitot tube. Beteco 24V MKVIIIB 6A/729


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    Here we have a superb WWII Pitot tube with attachments. This is a MKVIIIB tube 24V with a parts number shown as 6A/729 and dated 1943

    Pitot tubes were normally attached to the underside of the aircraft normally on the wing.They measured airflow which in turn indicated the airspeed. This particular type would have been fitted to the Avro Lancaster, De Havilland Mosquito and MK22 MK24 Spitfires. This item is not a crash recovered one and has been removed from an airframe. The connectors to the main system are still attached. As there is no paperwork with this tube it is been sold as a non airworthy item 

    The photos show one in situ on a MK22 Spitfire