• WWII Original Spitfire Air Speed Indicator 480 MPH 6A/587. Dated 1941


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    Here we have a nice original 480 MPH Airspeed Indicator which carries a store reference number 6A /587. IXF 1010/41.

    The gauge was obtained with several others which were all removed from aircraft at the 39 Maintenance unit,based at RAF Colerne. Labels on other ASI's show that they were removed 'for conversion to knots'. For whatever reason this was never done.

    Used extensively from the MK V onwards this gauge was probably fitted to a MK V rather than a MK IX as that particular MK did not enter service until 1942.

    Also the rear casing is the deeper version indicating that it is an early ASI as later versions commonly had a thinner rear casing.

    As can be seen from the photos the gauge is in excellent condition with no damage to the casing or glass. The rear pressure tubes still have the original caps fitted. The gauge would require a full professional examination by a licensed aircraft engineer before further use in an airworthy aircraft.

    Gauges similar to this one are sold on other websites for approximately £400 !!  

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