• WWII Miles Master Throttle box control unit


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    Original Throttle box control unit for a Miles Master Aircraft.

    The Miles M.9 Master was a British two-seat monoplane advanced trainer built by Miles Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War. It went through a number of variants according to engine availability and was even modified as an emergency fighter during the Battle of Britain. It was a fast, strong and fully aerobatic aircraft which served as an excellent introduction to the high performance British fighter aircraft of the day: the Spitfire and Hurricane.The throttle box is un restored and could benefit with a clean.  I have neither the skill nor the time to renovate this item. The levers move and this would make an excellent restoration project or it could be left as found.

    Restored units exchange hands from anywhere up to £1000 plus

    Shipping is high due to the size and weight or alternatively the item can be collected via prior arrangement.

    The item would be dispatched by insured shipping hence the cost.