• WWII Master Contactor. 10A/10984 . Pip Squeak. Spitfire


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    Here we have a RAF Master Contactor 10A/10994 Master Contactor Type 1. This Item is still in its original box and is an early 12 volt version.

    This unit was used in conjunction with a remote Contactor as shown in the photos. The purpose of these units was to help direction finders stations on the ground to locate fighter aircraft so that  controllers could vector them to intercept enemy aircraft

    Used extensively during the Battle Britain these units are often incorrectly referred to is IFF units. IFF is normally referred to as a Friend or Foe system of identification

    The units were used to transmit an interment radio signal every 14 seconds, which helped ground based direction finders to plot the aircrafts location. The remote contactor was situated in the cockpit whilst this item, the main contactor, was located behind the pilot.

    The system was referred to as pip squeak and formed an integral part of the Home Defense system which helped to win the Battle of Britain.

    Condition is as shown. There are no connectors fitted to the wiring. The item has not been removed from its box as they are a notorious tight fit with the foam insert 

    A nice 12 volt version as fitted to early Spitfires.

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