• WWII Lysander spade grip and complete control column


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    Here we have a very unique and rare piece. An original Lysander spade grip still mounted on its original complete control column assembly. I've never seen a complete unit like this. I have seen spade grips before but not substantial unit such as this. .

    Developed as a close support aircraft for co operation with the Army, the Lysander entered service in 1938. At the outbreak of WWII several Squadrons were deployed to France but it soon became apparent the aircraft was unsuitable for its intended use and losses were high.

    Of the 175 aircraft used over Belgium and France between May and June 1940, 118 were lost.

    The aircraft was withdrawn and relegated to coastal patrols and liaison duties.

    The aircraft did however found a niche in its SOE role whereby it was used to delivery  and recover SEO agents from the occupied countries. This was achieved because of the aircrafts exceptional low speed flight characteristics. Aircraft used in this role were painted black as operations were obviously carried out at night.

    This unit has remained untouched and un restored. The grip is marked AH2040 as shown. Unfortunately the brake lever is absent but the firing button remains intact with the brass pipes feeding downwards.

    The column itself is undamaged and leads down to the large universal joint and main assembly with part numbers as shown.

    This is an item for the true collector or museum

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