• WWII Luftwaffe Oxygen Bottle. Dornier 217 Shot down 31/7/42.


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    Here we have an original Oxygen bottle recovered from the crash site of Dornier E4 U5+ET 5470

    This Aircraft was part of 6. Staffel based at Eindhoven and took off on 31/7/42. It was one of 76 Aircraft that were tasked with Bombing Birmingham. However, the majority of the 58½ tons of high explosive and incendiaries dropped fell on Wolverhampton..

    A total of 3 aircraft were lost on the mission this being one of them.

    E4 U5+ET 5470 was brought down by AA-fire at Glatton near Peterborough and none of the crew survived.

    Crew members were

    Flugzeugführer - Feldwebel Karl Laub -

    Beobachter - Feldwebel Hermann Werner

    Bordfunker - Feldwebel Karl-August Güssefeld -

    Bordschütze - Unteroffizier Hermann Hammelmann – 

    This item along with several others were recovered by a local history group in the 1970’S and have only recently become available from one of the team members. As can be seen in the photos the item is in good condition with one small impact dent on one side and it still retains much of its blue colouring. There are plenty of stamps near the neck and on the base one of which indicates the bottle was produce on 1/10/1941

    A poignant piece of history

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