• WWII Lufftwaffe Ju-88.Rear Gunners machine gun mount and frame


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    Here we have an original Ju 88 rear gunners machine gun mount and frame.

    The Ju 88 was a twin engine aircraft that became one of the main stays of the Lufftwaffe during WWII. Production ran from 1936 through to the end of the war in 1945 and more than 15,000 Ju 88s were built in dozens of variants, more than any other twin-engine German aircraft of the period. Throughout production the basic structure of the aircraft remained unchanged. Variants flew against the RAF in the Battle of Britain and in the defense of Berlin before the end of the war

    This is a rare item and I have only seen one offered for sale before at a significantly higher price on a website with a similar name. Armament would have been MG15 for the Battle of Britain to the later MG131 from 1941.

    One can only imagine at the spectacles seen through this frame

    This is a cast item and is very heavy weighing in at nearly 8kg so collection would be preferred