• WWII Lancaster Bomber. GEE MKII Type 62A Indicator. Mint in box

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    Here we have a superb Type 62A  Indicator which was a component in the GEE Radio Navigation system used in the famous Lancaster Bombers in addition to other Bomber types operated by the RAF during WWII

    Still in its original transit case

    Gee was the code name given to a radio navigation system used by the Royal Air Force during World War II. It measured the time delay between two radio signals to produce a "fix". It was the first hyperbolic navigation system to be used operationally. 

    The first completely successful Gee-led attack was carried out on 13/14 March 1942 against Cologne. The leading crews successfully illuminated the target with flares and incendiaries and the bombing was generally accurate. Bomber Command calculated that this attack was five times more effective than the earlier raid on the city. The success of Gee led to a change in policy, selecting 60 German cities within Gee range for mass bombing using 1,600-1,800 tons of bombs per city.

    Please ensure you inspect the photos so that you can appreciate the quality of this item. Its probably the best preserved unit available at the moment.

    Collection would be preferred although this item could be made available at the Newark Aero jumble in April 2022

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