• WWII Hawker Typhoon Elevators. Original


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    Here we have an original Hawker Typhoon elevator. Obviously non air worthy but suitable for a template or it would make a great man cave item.

    Some TLC is required to get the full potential out of this but it is an incredibly rare item bearing in mind that there are no air worthy Typhoons in the UK at the moment. The item has 3 plates as shown in the photos. 2 plates seem to show the same details which are DRG No D103426/2 and G5 16383. 1 This elevator is therefore from a Gloucester built Typhoon as proven by the G5 reference. The G5 reference was a contract number allocated to the Gloucester Aircraft Company. Although the drawing number D103426/2 is common to both the Typhoon and Tempest, no Tempests were built by Gloucester, but were built instead by Hawker at Langley

    A unique item !!

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