• WWII Harvard T-6 Texan Gunsight sun screen unit


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    Here we have an original sun screen unit that would have been fitted to a gunsight in the AT-6 Texan or as known in the UK, the Harvard

    Although primarily a training aircraft, some models were fitted with armaments including gunsights. Post war some aircraft were used in the Korean war and again were fitted with .30 cal gunpods and Harvards were used in combat roles in other conflicts around the world even as late as 1975.

    This particular example is in excellent condition and has several part numbers and stamps as shown in the photos. N donates an inspectors stamp whilst 49 confirms this item to be a Harvard part. There appears to be one spring missing at the rear but this does not affect the operation of the item as it folds down as it should. The last picture shows the screen in position in Harvard. The photo was taken in Burma

    A similar item is available on another website but at a significantly higher price

    Because Harvards were mainly used in a training capacity, items like this are unique and hard to find

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