• WWII Douglas DC-3 C-47 Dakota Control column Yoke. Original


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    Here we have a nice original Yoke as fitted the famous DC-3, C-47, Dakota aeroplane manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company. The civilian version was referred to as the DC-3 whilst the military designation was C-47. The British referred to the aircraft as a Dakota. Civilian production was terminated at the end of 1942 and by the end of production over 16,000 DC-3's and C-47 had been produced.

    The aircraft was modified several times throughout its production and was used well beyond WWII. In 2013 it was estimated that there were over 2000 aircraft still in service around the world.

    This particular Yoke came from the maintenance facility in Malta which was operated by the Malta International Aviation Company until it closed in 1985. Since then it has been housed in the stores of a local museum on the Island. Unfortunately no details were recorded as to which aircraft it was fitted to.

    The Yoke is in excellent condition with the outer covering fully intact except for the odd scratch and chip which you would expect with an item of this age

    The photo of the back of the grip is spoilt a little due to the light reflection off the handle grips when photographed

    What is quite shocking is that replica Yokes are on sale at the same price. For the same money you can have a original