• WWII Altimeter. MKXIVA Dated 1942 From Lancaster Bomber ME356


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    Here we have a superb example of a MKXIVA Altimeter dated 1942. What is special about this example is that is still has the original R.V.ROE tag  MOD/AVR/12/44 attached showing that it was removed from a Lancaster Bomber ME356.

    The altimeter is in good condition with no cracks to the casing or glass. The hands moved when the dial on the front is rotated.

    The stores reference number on the face is 6A/685 and a date of 1942 is also evident.

    I haven't had much chance to fully research Lancaster ME356 but I have found so far that the aircraft served in Bomber Squadron No7 and is specifically mentioned in Tom Docherty's book titled 'Bomber Squadron No 7: The World War II Record.'

    More research could be undertaken to ascertain the fate of ME356.

    Its not often that items can be linked to a known aircraft which is why this Altimeter is a must for Lancaster collectors