• WW2 US Army Pigeon Carrier PG-51 AAF and RAF


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    The United States Army Pigeon Service ( Signal Corps Pigeon ) was a unit of the army during the  Second World War . Their mission was the training and use of carrier pigeons for communication and for reconnaissance.  This service consisted of 3,150 men  and 54,000 pigeons . Over 90 % of messages sent by the US military by pigeons have been received 

    This particular carrier is a 4 bird PG-51 unit with a makers plate confirming that it was made by the Hipwell Mfg Co of Yonkers New York and has a1943 contract number.

    There are compartments for 4 birds along with storage spaces for message capsules, pens and paper etc. At some point it appears to have been re painted and there are signs of some minor repairs. Pigeon carrier boxes were used throughout the Army and some were used by aircrew in both the USAAF and RAF

    A nice original item

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