• WW II Air speed Indicator. Tiger Moth Stores Ref 6A/29 Dated 1943


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    Here we have a rare Airspeed Indicator which is getting harder to find. Rated to 160 MPH the RAF stores reference number is 6A/290 and dated 1943

    An instrument like this would have been fitted to the aircraft such as the Tiger Moth and the Fairey Swordfish. The Tiger Moth which was used as a training aircraft prior to and during WWII and many are still flown today. The last photos shows a Tiger Moth Instrument panel with the instrument clearly shown . 

    The instrument has the Crown stamp on the rear and is in good condition with no cracks or damage evident. It would need a full assessment by a suitably qualified person before been used in a flying aircraft. The needle moves when pressure is applied so the instrument works although it may need to be re calibrated

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