• Voltage Regulator. Jet Provost WW426 and Spitfire. 5U/5821


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    Here we have a voltage regulator Type A3 with an RAF stores reference number 5U/5821 and a serial number NBA46726/48.

    This unit has several markings on it one of which is 'Provost WW426' Presumably this unit was removed from WW426 which was indeed a Jet Provost T1 based at RAF Little Rissington which was once the home of the RAF's Central Flying School. 

    This particular type of unit can now be found in restored Spitfires as the preferred regulator.

    Condition is as per photos and the item would need a full professional assessment by a suitably qualified person before been used on an aircraft.

    There are several service dates shown on the rear

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