• ..Vintage WWII Type II Goggle M-1943 Paratrooper Dust Goggle


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    The M43 goggles were made in leather and plastic to an extremely complicated pattern for their intended use, they were considered to be an expendable item. They had an attachment strap and could be worn on a helmet when not in use. Manufactured between 1943-1944 they were superseded by the M-1944 Type goggles.

    Mainly used by US Airborne troops in Holland and Normandy ,such as the 101st Airbourne, but also used during the Italian campaign by the 10th Mountain Division.

    These goggles are the rarer type II ones with a green tint

    The goggles appear to be un used judging by their condition which is excellent. No signs of damage or repairs and strap is original as shown in the photos

    Photos also show the goggles in use by medics in Normandy and by Lt. John Reeder of RHQ/506th PIR in Normandy along with details published in the relevant QM Supply Catalogue

    A nice addition to a collection or for use by a re enactor.

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