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    This is a fantastic Vietnam grouping consisting of uniforms, insignia, paperwork, and medal to a Stff Sgt Thomas D Hicks a Vietnam veteran. Items included are Slot Brooch Bronze Star Medal in WWII style case, Original Bronze Star Medal citation in Headquarters MAC-V binder; Bronze star awarded to "STAFF SGT. THOMAS D. HICKS FOR MERITORIOUS ACHIEVEMENT IN GROUND OPERATIONS AGAINST HOSTILE FORCES IN THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM FROM OCTOBER 1965 TO SEPTEMBER 1966." Citation reads he was, "quick to grasp the implications of new problems...inherent in counterinsurgency operations." Lot also includes Certificate of Appreciation signed by Westmoreland and Retirement Certificate dated 1969. Fatigue uniforms with MAC-V patch, Class "A" uniform with MAC-V patch, pressed and starched khakis, and a retirement handbook make this an outstanding grouping to a Vietnam Vet.

    Uniform items consist of 8 pairs of Trousers and 5 shirts excluding the tunic Some of the shirts still have patches attached.

    Staff Sgt Hicks was a large man and the shirt sizes are shown as 16.5 x 35. The Tunic is a size 44 Extra Long.

    Also included is a belt, tie and cap size 7.5

    This is an awful lot of kit for the price never mind the historical documents and medals attached to this Vietnam Vet