• USAAF C-47 Radio Altitude Indicator. ID-14/ARN-1


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    Here we  have a Radio Altitude Indicator, ID-14/ARN-1 was a component of Radio Set AN/APN-1, which was a system used to measure and indicate to the pilot the altitude over the terrain during flight. 

    This system was used extensively by both the US Navy and US Army Air Force  on aircraft such as the TBM Avenger, the SB2C Helldiver PV-1 Ventura, PV-2 Harpoon, PBY Catalina, C-47 to name but a few.

    As can be seen from the photos the unit is in excellent condition with no damage to the glass lugs or casing. The photos show the gauge fitted in a C-47 panel.

    Sold as a static display item as the gauge would need to be examined by a suitably qualified person before been considered as suitable for flight use

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