• USAAF AN-H-15 flying helmet, wired


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    WWII US summer flight helmet. The AN-H-15 helmet was introduced as the standard summer or light weight for the Army Air Force and Navy on April 23, 1943. It served as the replacement for the Type A-9 flying helmet. It was the first flying helmet designed under the joint Army/Navy procurement program. Unlined tan cotton summer flying helmet.


    AN-H-15 summer flight helmet with ANB-H-1 receivers made by the Rola Company Inc complete with a standard ‘Y’ wiring loom fitted with a PL354 Jack plug. This example has 3 snaps without leather reinforcement for the oxygen mask studs so is an early version. Good chinstrap complete with velveteen pad. Made by the Bates Shoe Company Size Small

    Overall condition is good with the only issues been some rust stains by the snaps at the rear of the helmet as shown along with a dark stain as shown. No attempt has been made to clean the helmet

    A nice example suitably for use or display