• U.S. WWII Sperry T-1 Bombsight. MK XIV. Dated 1943. Mosquito B-25

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    Here we have a nice T-1 American version of the MK. XIV Bomb sight

    Developed in 1939, the Mk. XIV began replacing the First World War–era Course Setting Bomb Sight in 1942. The Mk. XIV was essentially an automated version of the Course Setting sight, using a mechanical computer to update the sights in real-time as conditions changed. The Mk. XIV required only 10 seconds of straight flight before the drop and automatically accounted for shallow climbs and dives. More importantly, the Mk. XIV sighting unit was much smaller than the Course Setting sight, which allowed it to contain a gyro stabilization platform. 

    To fill the demand for other aircraft, especially smaller ones like the de Havilland Mosquito, the Air Ministry began looking at US manufacturers to supply the bombsight. Hence the introduction of the T-1 series US built units

    The Sperry T-1 was fully compatible with UK-built versions and a T-1 computer could be used with a Mk. XIV sight head or vice versa. Full production commenced at the AC plant in Flint, Michigan, in November and T-1s arrived in the UK from March 1943. The sights were sent to medium bombers like the Wellington, while UK-built versions were sent to the heavy bombers. 

    This example is offered in good condition and is dated 1943. It was produced in the USA by AC Spark Plug Division of the General Motors Company and the data plate identifies it as SIGHTING Head Bombsight Type 1. It also includes the Roll stabilizer E-1. 

    Used in Aircraft such as the Mosquito, Wellington, Blenheim, B-24D Liberator and the Mitchell B-25

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