• Spitfire Cockpit Sections


    Spitfire cockpit sections

    Having previously been involved in the supply of cockpit parts to the film industry we are now offering  complete cockpit sections to our customers.

    These units are one off bespoke items made to your specific requirements. We can supply a complete fuselage including in the tail unit or units from frame 5 to 13. The size depends on individual requirements.

    Cockpits can be made from MDF, wood or aluminium or a mixture of both as per your requirements.

    They can be supplied as a ‘shell’ so that you can add fittings yourself or they can be fully fitted. We can supply many of the fittings separately if needed.

    The pictures show previously completed cockpit sections to give you an idea of what can be produced.

    Our cockpits have been used on film sets, museums and displayed by re enactors alike. They have been purchased by companies as ‘statements pieces and SIM users along with collectors

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing