• Spitfire canopy.

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    Here we have a canopy that was made for a flyer but was rejected due to an error.

    Condition as shown. As it was made for a flyer its made from 6mm Perspex unlike some of the cheaper thinner canopies I have seen which have  a tendency to flop around as soon as any pressure is applied. I have attached a photo of the imperfection which is a slight wave on the outer edge. The canopy has been marked for trimming and as you can see most of the imperfection would be outside the frame and removed but not enough for the unit to be signed off for flight use.

    This is sold as a static item only. If you require an airworthy canopy then please contact me as I have several in stock

    This canopy will be available at the Newark Aero jumble otherwise buyers will need to contact me re collection or delivery