• Rolls Royce Griffon Header Tank


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    Here we have a very nice original Griffon Header tank in excellent condition. No holes or damage and looks fully serviceable subject to the required checks.

    Design work on the Griffon actually started as early as 1938 at the request of the Fleet Air Arm, for use in new aircraft designs such as the Fairey Firefly. In 1939 it was also decided that the engine could be adapted for use in the Spitfire. Development was stopped temporarily to concentrate efforts on the smaller Merlin and the 24-cylinder Vulture; the engine did not go into production until the early 1940s.

    The Griffon was the last in the line of V-12 aero engines to be produced by Rolls-Royce with production ceasing in 1955.

    Different variants were used in aircraft such as the late MK Spitfires through to larger aircraft such as the Avro Shackleton. This particular unit is believed to be suitable for Griffon engines fitted to the Shackleton.

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