• RAF MK2 Aircrew Emergency Survival Knife


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    Standard aircrew issue until replaced by the unpopular 'J' cutter tool.  Flat profile gravity knife with a composite handle containing a spring lock mechanism activated by two levers on either side of the hilt.  This mechanism locks onto a stud on the sheath and so retains the knife.  The blade is of stainless steel, curved, and measures approximately 10cm.  The knife was worn in a metal scabbard /sheath, stores reference 22c/4466607/13 attached to a cloth patch, stitched upside-down on the flying coverall leg.  This enabled the knife to drop out on a lanyard should the wearer need to cut rigging lines of a parachute canopy in an emergency situation.

    Dating to the late 1950's, early 1960's.

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