• RAF Fuel Gauge 6A/16511 Supermarine Seafire. WWII


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    Here we have an original Fuel Gauge which was fitted to the Supermarine Seafire MK XV.

    The Seafire was the Naval version of the Spitfire and was adapted for operational use from Royal Naval Aircraft carriers during WWII

    This type was the first Seafire to be fitted with the Griffon MK VI which gave it the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio of its group and could out-climb all other WWII fighters. A Japanese Zero climbs at 2,710 feet/minute; a German ME-109 at 3,427 feet/minute; an American P-51 at 3,500 feet/minute. But the Seafire XV could climb faster than most of today’s corporate twin-engine jets can climb.

    There is only one known airworthy Seafire MK XV at present

    The gauge is in good condition  with no cracks or damage to the casing or glass. Marked on the side with the RAF stores reference number 6A/1651. Condition as shown in the photos.

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