• Original Seafire wing skin with markings and history. SX336


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    Here we have an original wing from Seafire MK XVII SX336.

    The restoration of this aircraft is well documented following the recovery of 2 airframes, namely SX336 and SX300, from a scrapyard in 1973. This panel is a wing skin covered in original paint with a partial 'S' which formed part of the registration number displayed on the aircraft. I have not attempted to remove any paint to find a part number. I have several pieces from this restoration many of which actually bear early part numbers such as MKII , MKV etc although SX336 is a MK XVII.

    Obviously certain parts which were generic to different MK's were used in the original construction

    The panel measures 80cm by 50cm and would be located underneath the starboard wing.

    A nice piece of original Seafire/Spitfire with markings