• Original Frame 5 firewall relic from Seafire SX300


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    Here we have the remains of the firewall or frame 5 from Supermarine Seafire SX300

    SX300 was a Seafire F.XVII and the history and ultimate demise of the airframe can be researched on google. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a large quantity of non airworthy and relic parts from Kennett Aviation following their involvement with SX300 and SX336 and this was one of the pieces obtained. It would look nice if cleaned and displayed in a box frame 

    The first black and white photo show SX300 when she was winched out of the scrapyard along whilst the second shows here next to SX336. The photos were taken before the subsequent fire that engulfed SX300

    This is an original piece with history from a named Vickers Seafire.

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