• Hawker Hurricane E-E Tube plugends. Seat mount tube fittings


    Here we have a pair of end plugs that fit into either end of the E - E cross tube which is the top tube that the seat attaches to via two small arms which mount onto the tube itself

    The E - E tube attaches to the rest of the airframe by bolting it to the E joints on either side and these plug ends facilitate that fitting

    Machined from aluminum and threaded they are supplied with the correct size fitting bolts too.

    Without these plugs it is not possible to attach the E - E tube to the airframe and you cannot therefore mount the seat

    The last photo shows an E joint with a bolt going through from left to right in to the round E-E tube. The plug inserts into the end of the tube so that the bolt screws into it.

    Price shown is for a pair.

    Overseas buyers must contact me for postage quotes as rates shown are for Insured UK post only