• Douglas DC-3, C-47 Original Rudder pedal units


    Here we have an original pair if DC-3,C-47 Rudder pedals. 

    Originally the Douglas DC-3 was a civilian airliner but the WWII military version was referred to as the C-47 Skytrain.. Undoubtedly one of the iconic aircraft of WWII, it was used in several different roles in virtually every theatre of war. Most people associate the aircraft with the famous Market Garden operation for which it was used to drop several thousand paratroopers into the Arnhem area of the Netherlands. 

    The aircraft subsequently went on to serve in both a military capacity and a civilian one for many years after WWII and examples are still flown commercially today. 

    These rudder pedals are presumably from a C-47 as traces of the original USAAF green finish can be seen. There are several part numbers to be seen as shown in the photos and the pedals still operate via the spring mechanism. They have not been renovated so its up to the buyer to repaint them or to leave them in their original finish.

    Iconic parts from an iconic aircraft.