• DC-3 C-47 Instrument panel. Original


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    Here we have an original Pilots side instrument panel from a DC-3

    First flown in 1936 the DC-3 was introduced as a civilian airliner and later taken on charge by the US Military and given the designation C-47.

    One of the most versatile aircraft ever produced and used in every theatre of war it has become an Iconic US Aircraft. In 2017 as many as 300 were known to still be in service, across the globe, undertaking different roles. There have been over 50 different variants produce through its history

    This particular panel is from the stores of the Malta International Aviation Company which ceased trading in 1986. The company operated a fleet of several aircraft types including DC-4's. The company did however buy 2 C-47's for spares and once stripped of parts the aircraft were scrapped. This panel is from one of the two mentioned aircraft. The last photo image gives details of one of the aircraft and further research will be required to identify the second.

    The panel is in good condition and the remains of several stencils can be seen some of which are in German. The panel would need a re paint to bring it back to display standard.

    It is not known what variant this panel represents although if the panel is from 42-6459 its service life commenced in 1942 with the US AAF until it ended in 1983 when its civilian registration was cancelled 

    Its not often that surviving original panels such as this come to the market 

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